Sunday, November 9, 2014


(Extended comments)After reading Literacy with an attitude, it really got me thinking about the education system today. Today teachers are held back from their own creativity because of standardized testing in connection to the common core testing for K-12 students. In my opinion the teacher should have control throughout the course of the year on what the students should, and shouldn't know. Standardized testing is the reason schools have low performing scores, and why students lack enjoyment in the classroom. If a student is affected by a subject or a particular teacher, that could change their entire outlook on education. Now don't get me wrong as much as I feel their are flaws in the education system their are teachers who make their marks in a child's life.
In Literacy with an attiude Finn speaks about literature and the power it can have among lower class children. To reference Mike's Blog I really enjoyed how he brought it into Delpit's world. "I didnt say to an errant student, what are you doing? I said, stop that and get to work. No discussions. No openings for an argument." This couldn't sum up Delpit any better. This week in my service learning project I had to really channel my inner Delpit and explicitly tell my kids to pay attention to their school work. I found myself saying okay this is a Delpit moment, and that I cannot be afraid to explicitly tell my kids. Overall this reading was a little tough, but I made it through. Sorry for rambling at the top of my blog its just something that instantly popped into my mind with this read.



  1. I like how you incorporated the part of your service learning into your blog. You are completely right in saying that teachers are held back because of standardized testing. Great job!

  2. Great response! thanks for using my blog for your extended comments. i also liked your Delpit moment you put in there as well.

  3. Really enjoyed your blog this week! Just like Ashley, I completely agree with you on the standardized tests - it is not an effective way of judging where your students are.