Sunday, November 2, 2014


Being the son of two baby boomers I have learned a lot of historical information through my parents because they lived it. I have always been heavily interested about the history between the 1950's to 1970's. The civil rights movement is something I love to read about and gain new knowledge on. Martin Luther King Jr has been a public figure that I always admired and looked up to because of what he did. I did not have much knowledge about the Brown vs Board of Education case. I only knew the surface of the case, and what was accomplished. Now after exploring the brown vs board of education website, listening to Tim Wise, and reading Bob Herbert's article I understand how they are all connected.

Brown vs the board of Education by all means was a big victory for the civil rights movement. Unfortunately today's economy is still making segregation difficult within the education system. One quote that got my attention in Herbert s article was "If you really want to improve the education of poor children, you have to get them away from learning environments that are smothered by poverty. This is being done in some places, with impressive results. An important study conducted by the Century Foundation in Montgomery County, Md., showed that low-income students who happened to be enrolled in affluent elementary schools did much better than similarly low-income students in higher-poverty schools in the county." This to me states the kids within the poverty stricken areas are more than willing to excel in the classroom. 

Wise states that even though we have an African american president, racism still exists within our country.  What struck me during the Wise interview is when he says 6 out of 10 white Americans will admit to one of the stereotypes about African Americans. One, that African American folks are perceived as less intelligent, perceived as being aggressive, prone to criminality and perceived as less patriotic. Also he states that 75% white Americans say that African Americans just want well fare and do not want to work. These stats are relatively current, so those state that racism still exists today. Yes, President Obama set the bar for our country showing anyone can become President or chase any dream they have. We have to keep growing and expanding our standards. Anyone, from all walks of life can be or do whatever they set their hearts to.
Brown vs Board of Ed (Youtube)


  1. Because of your blog I have a much better understanding of the connections between the articles and the videos. I also pulled out the quote from Hebert's article about improving the education of poor children. The education environment that are smothered by poverty do not make it any better for the children who already come from that environment.

  2. I agree with Cindy this blog post helped me understand the connections between the articles and videos ! Good job

  3. Reading your article made me understand it a little bit more! great job!