Sunday, October 26, 2014

Delpit: Rules and Codes of Power (Revisited)

Lisa Delpit's Other People's Children is a great read about children learning in the classroom. Delpit addresses that, children who speak different languages at home face a difficult time with the "culture of power" in today's standards at school. We cannot discourage children to not speak their own language. When a child speaks their own language in school they are not wrong by any means. This is where the rules and codes of power come into play. Delpit constructs what she calls " The five aspects of power." The first is 1."Issues of power are enacted in the classrooms" In this step she describes that in simple terms the student is at the bottom of the educational process. The teacher along with the publishers of the textbooks, creators of the curriculum, and the state you are in are all above you to guide you to your economic status. Number 2. "There are codes or rules for participating in power; that is, there is a culture of power." This states that students should have a general idea of when to understand power is taking place before them in the classroom. When students from different cultural backgrounds come into a foreign classroom they most likely do not understand. Number 3. "The rules of the culture of power are a reflection of the rules of the culture of those who have power." This means a reflection is shown within the people who have power. They understood the rules of the culture of power which gave them their own. Number 4. "If you are not already a participant in the culture of power, being told explicitly the rules of that culture makes acquiring power easier." This goes back to our class discussion of how to instruct a student within the classroom. If they are doing something they shouldn't be, they should explicitly be told to not do that. They will not understand if a teacher questions them about it. Number 5. "Those with power are frequently least aware of-or least willing to acknowledge- its existence. Those with less power are often most aware of its existence." Meaning people who hold a position of power may not use and those who have no power are aware of where they stand within society. In conclusion Delpit feels that all students must be explicitly taught the rules and codes of power to achieve a better society.
Here is a somewhat lengthy review if you have the time of Other Peoples Children Delpit: Rules and Codes of Power

Sunday, October 19, 2014


(Reflection) After reading In the Service of what? by Kahne and Westheimer, it really made me think about my future. Kahne and Westheimer emphasize that service learning within a community can help students learn, rather than just read about something. I really enjoyed this article because I enjoy helping others. It was 2004 my Uncle was elected to the Town Council in North Providence. I know from the bottom of my heart my Uncle has been in politics for the right reasons, and they are to help others, and improve their quality of life. By him being elected, that was the day I fell in love with community service. Now I can only help on a small scale by making charitable donations or donating time whether it be a toy drive, food for the homeless or cancer research funds. When there are town functions going on throughout the year I try my best to donate my time whether it be a day or even just an hour to help out. I think its great more teachers and students are getting out to do community service. It really helps you learn a lot. It connection to Kozol its really sad that not much community service is established in Mott Haven.

It really does my heart well seeing happiness from others. It is one of my greatest satisfactions doing for anyone in need. If its something as small as donating a five dollar toy, knowing it will make some little guy or girl happy that's enough to make my day. In the middle of all this I really learn, and understand how lucky, and fortunate I have been growing up. The real life stories I have witnessed keep me grounded and humble as a person. Hopefully someday I achieve my goal of becoming an elected official to help others. I will never forget how fortunate I have been in my life, and I will be there for anyone in need.

Here are a few pictures of two public figures I admire for what they have done.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


(Extended comments) Unlearning the myths that bind us was an interesting piece for me. Christenen's article focused on how Disney movies, and other cartoons expose a certain way of thinking to young children. As a frequent visitor of Disney World I have always been interested in Disney's "subliminal" messages. Now they're are many messages that are obvious, and others that are questionable. It is interesting to note that in Erika's blog she shows a chart of the different races Disney has in their movies. Out of two hundred seventy one characters listed, two hundred five of them are white. That is some serious stereotyping. Now I know Disney has made some leeway on breaking up those characteristics in animation, but in one of their television shows they have incorporated the LGBT community. In connection to Safe Spaces Disney has showed two Lesbian moms on 'Good Luck Charlie' in which that they have been attacked by angry conservatives. This is a big stepping stone for Disney and their product. I feel this is one door that has opened to possibly introduce having two moms to children. It is shown in a positive limelight, so hopefully this will connect with children or at least get them thinking.

I feel that we are going to keep changing and evolving. Today we need to keep knocking down the barriers that show stereotyping. The children of the future need to be shown that no matter who you or where you come from you can be whatever you want.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


(hyperlink) Throughout my very long academic career being in the halls of different schools throughout the state I have noticed the LGBT kids in them. I became aware of the LGBT people at the start of my high school days, and all the way up to now I have always supported the LGBT community. I have met people of the LGBT community through my sister and my girlfriend. They always treat me with respect and now I would call them my friends. Why should I treat them any differently just because of their sexual orientation? I do know that the people of the LGBT community all of the world get bullied just because of who they are. Its outrageous that they get bullied just because of that. If people actually sat down with them, and got to know them they would realize that they are no different. It kills me to know that some are driven to suicide by bullies. As the text says "death should never be an option"(Intro) and its sad because those people had a chance. I know what it is like to feel hopeless, fear, and anxiety in life but you have to remember you are never alone. No matter what you are going through, you have to never give up. Just think of the people you love and just keep your head high. We are starting to make cracks in the glass for equality for all.
This is a short video on LGBT bullying awareness. It gives incite on how we need to work together to stop the bullying.