Sunday, October 12, 2014


(Extended comments) Unlearning the myths that bind us was an interesting piece for me. Christenen's article focused on how Disney movies, and other cartoons expose a certain way of thinking to young children. As a frequent visitor of Disney World I have always been interested in Disney's "subliminal" messages. Now they're are many messages that are obvious, and others that are questionable. It is interesting to note that in Erika's blog she shows a chart of the different races Disney has in their movies. Out of two hundred seventy one characters listed, two hundred five of them are white. That is some serious stereotyping. Now I know Disney has made some leeway on breaking up those characteristics in animation, but in one of their television shows they have incorporated the LGBT community. In connection to Safe Spaces Disney has showed two Lesbian moms on 'Good Luck Charlie' in which that they have been attacked by angry conservatives. This is a big stepping stone for Disney and their product. I feel this is one door that has opened to possibly introduce having two moms to children. It is shown in a positive limelight, so hopefully this will connect with children or at least get them thinking.

I feel that we are going to keep changing and evolving. Today we need to keep knocking down the barriers that show stereotyping. The children of the future need to be shown that no matter who you or where you come from you can be whatever you want.


  1. I really love the photo it makes me laugh so much...even if i shoudnt it still does

  2. I had no idea that Disney was producing a show with lesbian moms. That is a really big step for the Disney Network. I wonder if there has been any backlash yet...