Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dear White Moms Beckford

Dear White Moms was a different read. I'm not entirely sure on Beckfords  message but I am going to take a try at it. From what I understood from the reading I feel that it was an outreach from a African american mother to a white mother about their children. All over the news in recent months Ferguson, Missouri has been the center of attention for the killing of a young African american 18 year old boy by a white police officer. I think the article is shedding light on how many innocent African american boys are shot and killed by police officers just by racial profiling. This mom is reaching out to white mothers to just make sure they cherish their sons because the chance of them being innocently shot is slim to none. History proves it. African american mothers go through the heart ache of losing their children under terrible circumstances. The racial profiling and violence needs to stop. 

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  1. I also discussed "Dear White Mom" in my blog post and I think the main idea that Beckford tries to make is that she has a completely different motherhood than her friend. The things that Beckford has to worry about are completely different than the worries of her friend. And I also think it has a lot to do with Beckford needing the help of her friend to ensure safety for her own child. It's not enough for Beckford to care for her son on her own because she knows that she doesn't have enough power in society, she can only do so much.